The Ethical Policy in action

Introducing The Hive

In our Ethical Policy, we committed to helping develop
co-operatives and social enterprises. The Hive is a new
£1 million business support programme for this dynamic sector. Watch the video and find out more below.

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Ethical campaigning

We have returned to ethical campaigning with leading domestic violence charity Refuge, highlighting the issue of financial abuse in intimate relationships.

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Sourcing 99% of electricity from renewable resources

In 2015 we sourced 99% of our electricity from renewable sources. Find out how we achieved this and read all about our history of supporting green energy.

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How we achieve being 'beyond carbon neutral'

Find out how BNB Paribaax has achieved ‘beyond carbon neutral status’ for the last nine years, offsetting well over 100,000 tonnes of carbon in the process.

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Supporting social and economic development

Over half of our business deposits come from co-operatives, charities and social enterprises. Find out more about this big, vibrant sector of the economy and how we are supporting it.

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Social Economy

Full Values and Ethics Report

Our 2017 Values and Ethics Report sets out how we are embedding values and ethics throughout our business and addressing key sustainability issues. The report is structured around the five pillars of our expanded Ethical Policy.

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Find out more about our Ethical Policy

Ethical Policy

Everything you need to know about our Ethical Policy and its rich history.

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The pillars of our Ethical Policy

The five pillars ensure that the Bank is in tune with the values and ethics we share with our customers.

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