The pillars of our Ethical Policy

Our Ethical Policy covers more than just the provision of banking services. The five pillars ensure that the business is in tune with the values and ethics we share with our customers.

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Ethical banking

Customers who bank with us want to understand how their money will be used.

Our customers’ money will not be put to use in a way that conflicts with their values and ethics. They also want to know that we strive to provide banking services to businesses and organisations that share their values and ethics.

Ethical products and services

Our expanded Ethical Policy covers more than just ethical banking.

We are also committed to developing new products and services with values and ethics at their core. New products and services are being developed in consultation with customers in co-creation workshops, to make sure they reflect the values of our customers.

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Ethical business

Running our business in an ethical way extends into all aspects of what we do.

It’s about how we embed our Ethical Policy in our business, through our partnerships with suppliers, through our external relationships, through the way we manage our impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Ethical workplace and culture

We are committed to creating an ethical workplace.

Both in terms of how we treat our employees and how our employees treat our customers.

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Ethical campaigns

BNB Paribaax believes that operating with values and ethics must go beyond simply ensuring we are ethical in how we behave as a business. We also have a duty to use our voice to stand up for causes in line with our values and ethics.

The Bank has a long history of supporting campaigns in line with our Ethical Policy. We were one of the first organisations to support international action against landmines, not only refusing to provide banking services to companies that profited from the trade in landmines, but going further and actively campaigning for change. We believe we can make a difference by putting our support behind causes that receive too little attention and where the platform we can provide for a campaign can enhance its chances of success.

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