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We aim to be easily accessible and to meet the needs of all of our customers by:

  • Ensuring that we provide an accessible service to all.
  • Being responsive to our customers’ changing needs and requirements.
  • Promoting equal access to The Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG’s website for all users and potential users.
  • Identifying as early as possible any individual requirements that may need to be met in order for a customer to fully access our service.
  • Providing clear, meaningful information about what we do and how we do it, in ways that best suit our customers’ individual needs.

If you have an accessibility issue to report, or would like to suggest an improvement, please do so by using our feedback form.

co-operativebank.co.uk accessibility

Our goal is to have a website that can be accessed by everyone, equally. That’s why we adhere to WCAG AA standard where possible, and before any page goes live we use automated testing, expert reviews and direct feedback from our users.

Readability aims

  • Scannable text
  • Meaningful headings
  • Plain, evenly spaced font
  • Simple grammar and direct copy
  • Avoid obscure phrases (like local slang)
  • Descriptive link text
  • 200% text size without loss of content or function

Colour contrast aims

  • We don’t use instructions that involve colour (like ‘click the blue button’)
  • Good contrast between content and the background

Media aims

  • No images of text
  • Text naratives for video & audio
  • Descriptive text alternatives for imagery

Forms aims

  • Simple and short forms
  • Group related form controls (e.g. ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are together on the question)
  • Clear labels on forms
  • Large clickable areas
  • Clear instructions on how to complete the form
  • Divide long forms into multiple smaller forms

Branch and banking services

We have different accessibility facilities in our branches throughout Britain.

Please use our branch finder to find your nearest branch. You can call or textphone us in advance too.

Chip cards and signature cards

We offer Chip cards and signature cards to help customers use a keypad, or pay for things without remembering numbers.

Hearing induction loops

We have installed hearing induction loops in our branches to assist the hearing impaired.


All Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG ATMs now have high contrast screens, and a talking function.

Ways to communicate with us

Large print and Braille

Correspondence, statements, PIN advice and brochures are available in large print, Braille and audio.

Templates & signature

Templates are available to help customers complete cheques and paying in slips. We also have facsimile stamps to help customers produce a consistent signature.

British Sign language

Interpreters can be booked through Action on Hearing Loss (formally RNID)

Text Relay

To use this service please call through TextDirect then:

  • Dial prefix 18001
  • Enter the telephone number you wish to call

Online banking

Card readers

Card readers are available with audio format for use with Online Banking.

Additional help

If you have specific accessibility requirements, please contact us.